The 3 Most Likely Politicians To Succeed Theresa May

It seems like Theresa May has no intention of stepping down as leader of the Conservatives because of the Election result. However, as is often the case in Politics, the decision may not be left up to her.

After a disappointing campaign followed by equally disappointing results, many are now questioning her right to be the leader of our country.

Nevertheless there are plenty of capable candidates ready to step up to the mark, so who is most deserving? And who do the bookies have as odds on favourite?


Boris Johnson As Conservative Leader


Beaten to the top spot by Theresa May just months ago (you may remember Gove’s back-stabbing manoeuvres), the bookies have Conservative giant Boris Johnson as most likely replacement candidate, at 2/1 odds.

Given his clear position on Brexit, Mr Johnson’s taking control at a time like now may seem sensible. Regardless what your position on Brexit is, it is clear to see that our country needs some sense of direction and clarity, both of which Boris would provide (even if you don’t agree with his politics)

As the currently elected MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip and foreign secretary (let’s not forget his position as the former London Mayor) Mr Johnson has significant experience at his disposal, and is the man who many would want to see promoted in the event that Mrs. May departs.

Phillip Hammond As Conservative Leader


Rumours were circulating about Mr Hammond’s redundancy off the back of a landslide victory in the election yesterday, but fortunes may have changed for the current Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Almost invisible over the past month, Phillip Hammond’s reputation has remained intact after the beating that Conservative ratings have taken. Seen as a safe pair of hands, now could be his chance to step up and be the leader our country desperately needs. At 7/1 odds for his taking on the role, Mr Hammond is certainly not out of the picture.

Amber Rudd As Conservative Leader


Running point in much of the Conservative Campaign, Amber Rudd has rolled with the punches and now stands as an outside favourite to become the next Conservative Leader. With a long history in corporate finance, Rudd’s claim to the throne seems rightly founded in a solid appreciation for the economy’s delicate relationship with spending – something that the Conservative mantra has always centred around.

As a strong Remain campaigner, it is clear that Rudd (Much like Mrs May) would be required to steer the ship in a direction that goes against what she believes. This may be enough to count against her in the decision for leadership, however I’d imagine, given that Theresa May’s fondness for the EU did not stop her, nothing can count Amber Rudd out.


Notable Mentions


A few politicians may feel slightly hard-done-by having missed out in considerations, so here it’s worth noting two politicians who can never be ruled out (although sometimes I wish they could):

David Davis        –              60/1

Michael Gove    –              65/1


There you have it. Leave a comment below indicating who you feel would be the most capable candidate out of the bunch, or indeed whether you think I have missed someone unfairly.

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