Immanuel Kant: 3 Brilliant Reasons To Study Kant In The 21st Century [Article]

All around the world, Immanuel Kant is lauded as one of the most important philosophical figures in history. While there is no denying the historical significance of his work (notably his Critique of Pure Reason), it might seem as if Kant’s day in the sun is over. His strong emphasis on a duty-based worldview and objective standards of morality seem to clash with today’s existential zeitgeist. Not to mention, much of Kant’s metaphysics has now been replaced by physics – his views on time, space, and causality have all been ousted. So, the question you might be wondering is why […]

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The 3 Most Likely Politicians To Succeed Theresa May

It seems like Theresa May has no intention of stepping down as leader of the Conservatives because of the Election result. However, as is often the case in Politics, the decision may not be left up to her. After a disappointing campaign followed by equally disappointing results, many are now questioning her right to be the leader of our country. Nevertheless there are plenty of capable candidates ready to step up to the mark, so who is most deserving? And who do the bookies have as odds on favourite?   Boris Johnson As Conservative Leader   Beaten to the top […]

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10 Philosophical Quotes That Just Might Change Your Life

Philosophy Quotes

  This week I stumbled across a snippet from the celebrated thinker Lao Tzu. The particular insight made a lasting impression on me – as you would imagine, having been written by the man whose name meant ‘Old Master’. Nevertheless, it got me thinking – what really are the most profound philosophical quotes to ever have been proclaimed? After scouring the Internet, I have compiled below a list of philosophically enlightening tidbits, that, when taken to heart, just might change your life. Of course, if you can think of any great examples of quotes or musings that personally resonated with you […]

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