Why Today’s Informal Coalition With The DUP Spells The End Of The United Kingdom

Today, the DUP entered into an astonishing £1.5bn confidence and supply coalition with the Conservatives, propping up their Government. With £1bn worth of new money and £500m worth of flexibility in current expenditure said to be freed up for Northern Ireland, I can’t help but wonder whether this spells the end for the United Kingdom. No. Seriously. How Are The DUP In The Driving Seat? There is only one reason that the DUP are in the position that they are in, and that is that neither Labour nor The Conservatives can penetrate Northern Ireland. Local concerns are in the forefront […]

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Hung Parliament 2017 – Why It’s Bad, And What Government Can Do Next.


The UK Election has officially run its course, and Theresa May’s Conservative Party has failed to retain a majority in the House of Commons. Although the Conservatives have ‘won’ the election (they achieved the greatest number of seats), they have failed to gain a parliamentary majority, which stands at 326 seats out of the total 650 MPs in the United Kingdom. This is what is known as a hung parliament. So, what does a Hung Parliament mean for the UK? Firstly, it is important to note that the major parties have three options available to them in these first few […]

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